Nov 2015

Why do we stretch?

While most patients are open to include stretching as a part of their PT program, they often do not know why.

When it comes to stretching, I feel that is often the most overlooked and underrated pieces of exercising. Most people roll their shoulders a few times, twist from side to side and maybe even throw in a standing quadriceps stretch before getting their workout going. What most fail to realize, is that stretching before AND after exercise, is essential to any complete workout regimen.

The main benefits of stretching are increased flexibility and range of motion, increased circulation, better posture, stress relief and reduced risk of injury.  Simply, stretching will improve performance and reduce recovery time.

It’s important to take your time to warm up, hold the stretch for 30 seconds, and do not bounce. Breathe and let the muscle relax


Oct 2015



“Ok Susie listen”, you have to stretch every day!! 🙂
Always a smile, always a Kind bar in her purse at Breakaway Physical Therapy, PLLC


Aug 2015


I have to say, I’m honored and flattered by the kind words of my patients… Thanks guys, you really make it worth it.

“Alan Snyder is a ‘hands on’ therapist at your side the whole time you are at the Breakaway fitness club. His great humor and caring manner combine to make a very calming and reassuring experience. My own progress was smooth with Alan’s clear program of therapy that was planned just for my hip replacement but went beyond to my needs and activities in the future.”- June

“Alan Snyder at Breakaway PT is a great Physical Therapist! I recently had both hips replaced, and he was my PT for both rehabs. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic. The sessions are challenging, progressive, and never boring. I would highly recommend him. He got me back to the gym within two months of my second surgery.” -Dorothy

“As an athletic person I found Alan Snyder’s one on one, individualized PT program very effective in getting me back up and moving after my hip replacement. He customized the PT program to my needs and athletic exceptions. I highly recommend Breakaway PT to anyone who may need physical therapy.”- Hermes

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